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Positioning Fintelle as a Technology -as-a-service brand

AuthBridge is a leading B2B HR technology company providing digital authentication, verification, and business intelligence solutions to future-forward institutions. They launched a dedicated BFSI vertical, Fintelle, offering advanced, award-winning tools empowering clients to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and seize customer opportunities in the dynamic financial landscape. Fintelle is a trusted partner for some of India’s leading financial institutions, helping them stay ahead of fraud and risks and facilitating superior operational functionality for them.
Fintelle set out to redefine its image as a technology powerhouse for BFSI beyond its HR tech roots. With a clear mission to engage and retain clients, Fintelle embarked on a transformative marketing journey. The goal was to craft a comprehensive strategy that would not only establish brand credibility but also magnetize new customers in a fiercely competitive market. By positioning itself as a pioneer in the Technology as a Service landscape with its Financial Intelligence solutions, Fintelle aimed to empower visionary enterprises to revolutionize their financial ecosystem and streamline their onboarding processes.

Business model restructuring paired with an innovative go-to-market strategy

Branding & GTM strategy and execution
We crafted a captivating narrative that accentuated Fintelle’s unparalleled verification and authentication technology solutions specifically tailored for banks and fintech. Through extensive market research, we identified key target segments, enabling us to execute precisely tailored marketing campaigns. Our strategic approach aimed to position Fintelle as the preferred technology partner within the industry. This involved developing a compelling tagline, refining the design language to align with the brand’s message, and implementing a robust go-to-market strategy.
Brand persona reflecting thought leadership
ID8 harnessed the immense potential of digital channels to amplify Fintelle’s presence and solidify its thought leadership status within the industry. Leveraging the power of social media, we strategically curated engaging content, interacted with the target audience, and fostered meaningful conversations to position Fintelle as a trusted authority in the field.
Launch of Synergy, Fintelle’s flagship event
Unleashing Fintelle’s unparalleled expertise, we helped them orchestrate a groundbreaking event called Synergy. This extraordinary gathering united industry visionaries to discuss the sector’s most pressing challenges head-on and share insights to devise impactful solutions. Synergy created an immersive environment where thought leaders converged to foster meaningful connections, and exchange ideas. This event served as a testament to Fintelle’s unwavering commitment to solving industry and client challenges, driving innovation, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.
— Through our strategic marketing initiatives and the success of the event, Fintelle achieved remarkable results: a 750% growth in their LinkedIn account, a 33% increase in their customer base, a 42% growth in quarterly revenue, a 58% improvement in customer retention rates, and a significant influx of high-quality leads in their pipeline. These outcomes solidified Fintelle’s position as a thought leader in the industry, expanded their online reach, and propelled their financial success.