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Bidco Africa


Social Media Campaign, Brand Communication



Minimize drop-offs and maximize engagement

Bidco, a dominant force in Africa’s FMCG industry, boasts an impressive portfolio of over 40 brands and a commanding presence across 13 social media channels. From beloved edible oils & fats to hygiene and personal care, and even food and beverage brands, Bidco has consistently achieved phenomenal growth and acclaim in East Africa.
Bidco faced the formidable task of consistently delivering compelling communication while fortifying its unique identities and fostering creativity across 13 social media channels. Bidco needed a solution that would ensure the ideation and delivery of creative content to increase organic social traction and customer engagement.

Driving impact through segment-specific communication delivered in engaging formats

We tackled Bidco’s challenge head-on, employing a comprehensive solution that encompassed conceptualization, ideation, and the design of captivating social media campaigns and content. Harnessing the power of performance marketing, ID8 harnessed Google ads and YouTube ads to supercharge Bidco’s online reach.

Conceptualizing and designing magnetic social media content and campaigns
Collaborating closely with Bidco, our seasoned marketing experts embarked on a journey of boundless creativity, crafting imaginative concepts that resonated deeply with the target audience across diverse social media platforms. Drawing on their astute understanding of Bidco’s brand essence and market dynamics, we conjured up riveting narratives and visually stunning designs that captivated consumers’ hearts and minds.

Amplifying Bidco’s online dominance with performance marketing
We recognized the transformative potential of data-driven advertising, leveraging performance marketing techniques to elevate Bidco’s online presence to new heights. With the strategic implementation of Google ads and YouTube ads, we ensured that Bidco’s brands reached the right audience at precisely the right moment. By meticulously optimizing ad campaigns, the agency maximized Bidco’s return on investment and propelled its growth trajectory.

— The dynamic collaboration between Bidco and ID8 yielded extraordinary results across multiple dimensions. Bidco witnessed an electrifying surge in customer engagement, with audiences eagerly interacting with their social media content. Organic traction on various platforms skyrocketed, generating an electrifying buzz around Bidco’s brands. Moreover, by seizing the opportunity to participate actively in topical days and leveraging our expertise in content creation, Bidco fostered a profound connection with its target market, cementing brand loyalty.