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Product Launch, User Engagement


BFSI, Technology

Creating compelling content to promote app

Kotak is one of India’s most trusted financial institutions. The company approached ID8 with the objective of launching and educating users about its innovative merchant payment app, As a leading marketing agency, we embraced the challenge of creating a compelling content design and interactive experience to support the product launch.
The key challenge was to effectively communicate the features and benefits of to merchants while capturing their attention in a highly competitive digital landscape. Our task was to create engaging content that would drive adoption, educate users, and establish as the go-to payment solution for merchants.

Leveraging the Design Thinking Framework to craft a comprehensive solution

Content Design For Product Launch
Using our deep understanding of the target audience and their pain points, we developed a content strategy that highlighted the unique selling points of By employing persuasive language and compelling visuals, we effectively conveyed the benefits of the app and helped position it as a game-changer in the merchant payment landscape.

Launch & Tutorial Videos
To provide merchants with a clear understanding of how to use, we created a series of engaging launch and tutorial videos. These videos showcased the app’s features, step-by-step processes, and best practices, enabling merchants to quickly and confidently adopt Through captivating storytelling and visually appealing animations, we ensured an immersive learning experience.

Interactive Content Experience
Recognizing the importance of interactivity in capturing and retaining user attention, we developed an interactive content experience for This included content creation for social media and WhatsApp to educate and encourage the audience and kickstart conversations.