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Affordable Solutions


UI/UX design and development


Pest Control

Bringing Value and Excellence to Pest Solutions

As an industry stalwart, Affordable has earned its reputation for unparalleled service and unwavering guarantees. Their comprehensive range of residential and commercial services, including Pest Control, Grease Trap Cleaning, and Garage Door Installation and Repair, have consistently exceeded expectations across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

Affordable has diversified its service portfolio beyond pest control and ventured into a multitude of other services. Our objective was to design seamless and interactive user journeys for the wide range of solutions they offer, fostering lead generation and conversion rates while minimizing drop-offs.

Empowering growth through strategic brand architecture and UX innovation

Affordable’s Brand Architecture Reimagined

In strategically reimagining the brand architecture, we recognized that each of Affordable’s five brands catered to a unique target audience. To ensure maximum visibility and impact, we designed separate websites for each brand, providing comprehensive and valuable information about their respective solutions. This approach allowed us to showcase each solution prominently, giving them the attention and space they deserved while engaging their specific target audience.

Redefining Customer Journey

By meticulously analyzing the consumer journey, we identified pain points and areas for enhancement. Through comprehensive mapping, we gained valuable insights into user expectations, needs, and desires. Armed with this knowledge, we crafted an optimized user journey that fosters engagement and reduces drop-offs, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience at every touchpoint.

Revamping UI/UX for Unforgettable Interactions

With an unwavering commitment to usability and aesthetics, we embarked on a transformative journey of redesigning and developing 4 distinct website UIs for Affordable. Our team of talented designers harnessed cutting-edge design principles to craft intuitive and visually captivating interfaces. By optimizing navigation, strategically placing content, and ensuring seamless responsiveness, we elevated the user experience to new heights.

— By providing a seamless and intuitive user journey, we witnessed a substantial increase in user engagement. Users were more likely to explore different sections of the website, spend more time interacting with the platform, and ultimately convert into loyal customers.

— Through our strategic enhancements, we successfully minimized drop-offs throughout the user journey. Users no longer encountered frustrating roadblocks or confusing interfaces, resulting in a smoother flow and higher conversion rates.