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Building Trust With AI-driven Verification Solutions

AuthBridge is a pioneering HR tech company at the forefront of innovation in India. Our suite of products is built on cutting-edge AI-driven technologies, including facial recognition, liveness detection, data extraction, and optical character recognition. With a strong focus on data security compliance, we ensure seamless verification of national identity documents, educational qualifications, and professional credentials. Leveraging our proprietary database and public databases, we provide instant and reliable search and verification services, revolutionizing the way organizations screen and onboard talent.

Our objective was to captivate audiences and create valuable connections during Fintech Festival India 2022 and 2023, allowing AuthBridge to shine as an industry leader. The events offered opportunities to showcase AuthBridge’s cutting-edge capabilities in the Fintech vertical.

Showcasing financial prowess and industry leadership during events

Shining in a Sea of Brands

Our approach to generating interest and traction during the event was focused on creating captivating themes that effectively communicated AuthBridge’s fintech offerings. By curating topics that covered disruptive technologies, regulatory advancements, and industry trends, we sparked curiosity and ignited meaningful conversations. Our communication and design made the AuthBridge brand stand out amidst the sea of other brands, ensuring an impactful and immersive experience for attendees.

Designing Impactful Encounters

From meticulously designing event collaterals and assets such as brochures, standees, presentations, and AVs, we ensured a cohesive visual narrative that left a lasting impression on event attendees. Every element exuded professionalism, innovation, and the essence of AuthBridge’s fintech expertise.

Fuelling Fintech Buzz

We leveraged the power of social media platforms to drive engagement about the AuthBridge brand before, during, and after the event. Through a strong emphasis on co-branded content, industry thought leadership, and captivating visuals, we created a buzz that amplified the reach and impact of each event. From highlighting key speakers to sharing event highlights, we kept the audience informed and engaged, generating a buzz that extended far beyond the event itself.

— Through our strategic marketing initiatives and the success of the event, Fintelle achieved remarkable results: a 750% growth in their LinkedIn account, a 33% increase in their customer base, a 42% growth in quarterly revenue, a 58% improvement in customer retention rates, and a significant influx of high-quality leads in their pipeline. These outcomes solidified AuthBridge’s position as a thought leader in the industry, expanded their online reach, and propelled their financial success.