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UI/UX design, Digital customer acquisition, Social Management


BFSI NeoBanking Technology

Leading The Way In Unified Banking

BankNXT is a next-generation neo-banking platform that offers a comprehensive solution for SMEs and start-ups, integrating Accounting, Banking, Inventory, and Financial Services. With BankNXT, businesses can streamline their financial operations, access real-time banking services, efficiently manage inventory, and gain valuable insights to drive informed decision-making. The company’s cutting-edge platform empowers entrepreneurs to focus on their business while the BankNXT teams handle the complexities of financial management.

Despite BankNXT’s success in acquiring customers, they faced obstacles related to customer sign-ups and a high drop-off ratio, which hindered their scalability. To address this challenge, BankNXT focused on streamlining their customer onboarding process, analyzing pain points, and optimizing the user experience. By simplifying registration steps and improving the interface, they aimed to reduce drop-off rates and create a smoother path for customers to engage with their services, ultimately paving the way for more efficient scaling of their operations.

Bespoke UI/UX redesign for differentiated customer journeys

UI/UX Redesign

We revitalized BankNXT’s frontend design, crafting an intuitive and visually captivating interface for a seamless user experience. By optimizing touchpoints and simplifying onboarding, we created a frictionless customer journey. Interactive elements and WordPress microinteractions enhanced engagement, elevating the overall website experience.

Digital Customer Acquisition

Our data-driven performance strategy at ID8 played a pivotal role in establishing BankNXT as a trusted resource for SMEs and start-ups through engaging digital customer acquisition initiatives. With a focus on strategizing campaigns, developing impactful campaign ideas, executing them flawlessly, optimizing performance, and generating high-quality leads, we effectively captured the attention and interest of the target audience.

Compelling Story-based Videos

We developed compelling video content with innovation at the center. With seamless storytelling and exquisite visuals, we sought to communicte the value that our products can offer to prospective customers. The videos are designed to showcase our cutting-edge technology, elegant design, and unparalleled performance that form the ethos of our brand.

Crafting Compelling Communication

With precision, we crafted BankNXT’s communication materials—decks, collaterals, emailers, and brochures—to convey their unique value proposition and captivate their audience. Our blend of creativity, strategic messaging, and visually stunning designs ensured attention-grabbing materials that left a lasting impression. Our comprehensive approach empowered BankNXT to share their brand story, generate interest, and forge meaningful connections.

— Through our strategic efforts, BankNXT experienced a remarkable enhancement in scalability, setting the stage for their expansion into new horizons. We implemented operational streamlining measures that fortified the brand’s ability to cater to a rapidly growing customer base. As their marketing partner, we take pride in our role as catalysts of their success, providing them with the necessary tools and strategies to navigate their exponential growth.