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Website development, UI/UX design, Customer Journey Mapping


Pet care

Pioneering in Premium Petcare Products

Dogspot, India’s No. 1 pet portal, began with a vision to curate reliable information for pet lovers and provide a platform for pet products and services. The company has become a trusted brand in the pet products niche in India.

Dogspot aimed to create a comprehensive platform that goes beyond just selling pet products and services. They sought to provide users with a wide range of offerings while also delivering impactful content and ensuring a seamless purchase experience. By combining these elements, Dogspot aimed to create a holistic platform that caters to all aspects of pet ownership and enhances the overall user experience.

A responsive, engaging user journey that boosted conversions

UI/UX Design & Development

ID8 utilized its expertise in UI/UX design and development to create a visually appealing and user-friendly platform. By incorporating intuitive navigation, eye-catching visuals, and seamless functionality, we ensured an engaging experience for pet owners.

Customized Website Development

Our frontend development team leveraged JavaScript (Js) and HTML to build a responsive and dynamic user interface. This enabled users to browse and interact with the platform effortlessly across different devices. To ensure the platform’s robustness and scalability, our backend development team employed Java, a powerful programming language. This backend infrastructure facilitated smooth transactions, secure user data management, and seamless integration of various services.

Customer Journey Mapping

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the customer journey, identifying key touchpoints and optimizing the user flow. By understanding the user’s needs and preferences, we tailored the platform to deliver a personalized and satisfying experience at every step.

Community Building and Engagement

Dogspot had built a community of over 75,000 active participants on social media before their website launch. Partnering with ID8, they streamlined the user journey to their website and achieved excellent retention rates. The collaboration focused on optimizing the user experience, resulting in easy navigation, personalized recommendations, and valuable feedback from the engaged community.

— ID8’s UI/UX design and development strategies transformed Dogspot into a visually appealing and user-friendly platform. The seamless navigation and engaging interface elevated the overall user experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.