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Humpy Farms


Performance marketing, Social media marketing, Influencer marketing



Bringing You Organic Alphonso Mangoes, Naturally Divine

Humpy Farms, an esteemed A2 and organic food product brand based in India, has quickly gained recognition and secured substantial investments following its remarkable appearance on Shark Tank India Season 1. Known for their commitment to quality, Humpy Farms also offers luscious organic Alphonso mangoes, bringing the goodness of nature to your plate.

In an endeavor to bring their organic Alphonso mangoes to a wider audience, Humpy Farms embarked on an impactful marketing campaign. Their primary goal was to harness the power of influencer marketing, amplifying brand visibility, generating traction, and fostering meaningful engagement with their target audience. By partnering with influencers, Humpy Farms aimed to spread the word about their luscious mangoes, connecting with mango enthusiasts and fostering a deep appreciation for their organic offerings.

The Approach

Campaign Strategy, Optimization, and Execution

To align Humpy Farms’ goals with their target market’s preferences, we devised a robust performance marketing campaign strategy for their Alphonso mangoes. Leveraging our expertise, we implemented cutting-edge optimization techniques to amplify the campaign’s effectiveness across diverse digital platforms. By maximizing reach and engagement, we ensured that Humpy Farms’ organic Alphonso mangoes left a lasting impression on their audience, driving awareness, interest, and ultimately, conversion.

Visibility Branding and Engagement

We executed a poetry-based influencer campaign for Humpy Farms, setting them apart from other brands and leaving a lasting impact on the audience. Collaborating with talented poets, we transformed the beauty of organic Alphonso mangoes into captivating verses, evoking emotions and fostering a deep connection. This unique approach ignited a poetic love affair with Humpy Farms’ mangoes, captivating hearts and minds in a way that no other brand could.

— The campaign’s impact was evident in the remarkable traction and engagement it generated. Humpy Farms experienced a substantial increase in brand awareness, as the campaign reached millions of consumers through targeted social media promotions and strategic placements across digital channels. With the successful execution of the influencer campaign, Humpy Farms solidified its position as a market leader.