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Noodies - Bidco


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Nourishment Made Easy, Anytime, Anywhere

Noodies is a Bidco brand dedicated to providing a delightful and nutritious meal experience. With a focus on taste and quality, Noodies offers a range of delicious noodles made from fortified wheat flour and refined vegetable oil. Noodies creates a special connection with its consumers, bringing joy and nourishment to their everyday lives.

Our aim is to create a social persona that exudes playful creativity, inspiring laughter and engagement at every turn leading to more conversations and increased engagement.

Stirring Up Social Media with Flavorful Content and Engaging Experiences

Crafting a brand identity to remember

Through stunning visuals and creative representation, we showcased the diverse range of Noodies products and recipes, enticing users to explore new culinary horizons. Our compelling messaging resonated with food enthusiasts, driving engagement and turning everyday moments into delicious experiences.

Conceptualizing and designing magnetic social media content and campaigns

We continue to deliver captivating social media campaigns and content. Through conceptualization, ideation, and design, we aim to ignite audience Interest, recall, and engagement. From mouthwatering recipe contests to interactive quizzes, we keep you craving for more.

— The dynamic collaboration between Noodies and our team produced remarkable outcomes across multiple dimensions. Noodies experienced an exhilarating boost in customer engagement, as audiences enthusiastically engaged with their social media content. Organic traction across various platforms soared, creating a vibrant buzz around Noodies’ brands. Furthermore, by actively participating in relevant events and leveraging our content creation expertise, Noodies nurtured a deep connection with their target market, solidifying brand loyalty.